Full Expansion Set on the way

06 Jul 2020

Later this year a full sized expansion set is scheduled for release at The Game Crafter. This set is currently titled Proving Grounds.

Proving Grounds will feature over 100 cards (some familiar, some new) and will re-introduce the legacy maps.
In version 1.0 of Dog Fight: Starship Edition, map 1001 (the "sun map") had a problem. Its scale suggested ships could move much, much faster than the game setting really allowed. That's the main reason the maps were replaced in the retooled Core Set 2.0.

The old map layout still serves as a great battlefield. It can be recreated in a different theme such as a debris field. That's what the new Proving Grounds Expansion Set is all about. Here's a preview of map 1001-A (also downloadable in print-friendly format from our documents list).

Dog Fight: Starship Edition legacy map 1001-A

This new expansion also includes a lot of missions. Ten of these are a recreation of the original downloadable missions (missions 101 through 110 still available right here). There are also some entirely new missions currently in play testing for this set (missions 111 through 120) which eventually will also be available for download. Mission types include solitaire, team, and cooperative variants.

A lot of new game tokens are included with PGE. There are check point tokens, 2 sets of team tokens, as well as extraction point, objective, rendezvous, and escort tokens. And a bunch of debris field obstructions. With all this, the possibilities for creating your own custom missions is limitless.

Dog Fight: Starship Edition Proving Grounds tokens

Proving Grounds will also include 2 unique missions created specifically for this set.

Look for Proving Grounds at The Game Crafter, scheduled for release October 30, 2020.