PGE Release Date

05 OCT 2020

The Proving Grounds Expansion (PGE) is almost finished. There are a few minor tweaks as yet and a final prototype check and it'll be done.

The more than 20 missions and over 100 cards add a lot of new possibilities to the game. There are also many new game tokens that can be used to create your own missions.

Proving Grounds Expansion tokens

Proving Grounds Expansion tokens
PGE includes tokens for Escort, Rendezvous, and Extraction points, as well as 3 Check Point tokens, and 6 Target tokens for two different teams, plus a bunch of new obstruction tokens. The possibilities for custom missions are endless.

After the final prototype arrives from the printer (which takes a couple weeks or so) any last minute changes will be implemented and the Expansion set will be ready.

Keep an eye out for an update to the card rulings file as well. Some of the new PGE cards will be mentioned in this update.

If all goes as planned, PGE is scheduled for release on The Game Crafter Friday October 30.