Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What are free missions?

Free missions are akin to the Campaign Missions provided with expansion sets. Free missions are designed primarily to help players test deck builds. Various scenarios feature skills players will need to play Dog Fight: Starship Edition. Some missions focus on delivering rapid attacks, some focus on speed, some on survivability, etc. Building decks and execution of tactics are always important in this game.

Missions can be of various types:
  • solo (one vs. one, with one player trying to accomplish the mission and the other trying to prevent it)
  • team (one vs. multiple, or multiple vs. multiple)
  • free for all
  • solitaire
With solo missions players can test deck builds without other players. Team and free-for-all missions require other players but these can focus on team strategies or "survival of the fittest" themes. See all available free missions here.


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