Low energy ships

Dog Fight: Starship Edition energy
Question: What about ships that don't have a lot of energy? Seems the trend for new cards would put them at a disadvantage.

Answer: The ships all have different statistics and abilities, sure, but these differences can be compensated for by deck design. For ships with low starting energy, a deck can be built with a focus on energy production.

A player can try to move in for the kill quickly and use all resources available to them at the start of the game (opening hand and initial energy reserves). But this can be a very chancy approach. Lots of players try this when first learning the game and later realize they have a better chance of winning if they take their time. The latter approach requires more planning from the player, but the longer game also makes for greater opportunity to build up a good hand, build up energy, and put your ship in a better position to control the battle.

The card database includes lots of labels to help players find cards to fit any particular meta they may want. One such label is "energy gain" which shows you all cards in the game so far which help produce energy.