The Approach

Theory Behind the Game

What makes Dog Fight: Starship Edition (TM) work? It started as an experiment - using common game components in unorthodox ways. Most games using cards are set up so the normal way of playing a card is to play it face up on the table. But by playing cards face down as the standard method, a "programming" effect can take place. Dog Fight's game construct is based entirely on this action programming mechanism.

Some have compared the customizable card game to chess. In some respects this is a good comparison. However, most customizable card games eliminate the tactical aspect of positioning pieces on a board. Dog Fight: Starship Edition returns this dynamic to the game, making a hybrid of the customizable card game and tactical board game.

The attempt to try something different with Dog Fight sparked other ideas as well. Most other customizable card games necessarily include some limitations to make the construct work. Dog Fight is an endeavor to mitigate or eliminate the need for such limitations. Are you tired of being limited to one standard draw per turn? How about being restricted to too few cards in hand? Tire of being hampered by a game's economic system? Not interested in buying oodles of booster packs? Welcome to the world of Dog Fight: Starship Edition (TM).

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