What are layered effects?

Dog Fight: Starship Edition layered effects

Layered effects are normally single moment effects (not equips or lasting cards) which last beyond the tier in which they are played. Usually a card effect is played and resolves, and it is finished. But layered effects may have hold over effects that last for the remainder of the turn.

For example, the card "Clear Shot" has two options, both of which have layered effects. The first option allows an attack and increases your ship's Range for the remainder of the turn. Also, this card's second effect, which does not allow an attack, allows your ship to ignore obstruction and line of sight limitations for the remainder of the turn. These are layered effects, because they last beyond the tier in which the card is played.

Dog Fight: Starship Edition MOVE card Attack Position layered effect
Other layered effects are triggered by a specific moment. For example, the card "Attack Position" provides a layered effect that waits until "after" something else occurs. Once this triggering event occurs the layered effect applies. In the case of "Attack Position" an optional move of one space is allowed immediately after an ATTACK card resolves. In keeping with the "finalize your move" rule, this optional move must be applied at the moment the card stipulates or not at all.

You can see several examples of layered effects on the card database.