New to Dog Fight: Starship Edition?

Welcome aboard! If you're new to Dog Fight: Starship edition, where should you start?

About the game

If you like the idea of being captain of a spaceship you can learn about the game or the approach to designing it. DF:SE is a ship to ship, living card game in a tactical combat environment. Normally for two or more players, there are solitaire variants, team rules, missions, and much, much more.

Learn the game

If you need to learn how this card-driven board game is played you should check out the rules here. Some points of interest may be:
  • no deck minimum
  • 100 card deck maximum
  • no per-card limit (Think you can win with 50 copies of a single card? Try it!)
  • native for more than 2 players
  • game system based on "programmed" actions

Get the game

If you want to get your copy of the game here's what you need to know.

Dog Fight is multi-player native, meaning it's designed for 2 or more players. The Core Set provides 2 decks, 2 maps, and everything 2 players need to get started. Combining maps makes room for more players.

Four Extension Sets each provide a new ship and deck. Official ship tokens for the Extension Sets are available only in the Token Set. You don't need the official ship tokens to play but they help the fun factor.

Dog Fight is customizable. Minisets provide themed, static additions of approximately 50 cards each. These are not randomized booster packs but fixed sets offering new cards to enhance your decks in specific ways, depending on the theme of the set.

Full Expansion Sets provide new maps, missions, bits, and lots of new cards. These will be released annually.

Free Missions are available for download. Standard game play in Dog Fight: Starship edition is sparring with other players to be the last ship in the game. Missions provide alternative objectives, team play, cooperative play, solitaire variants, and more.

Dog Fight is produced through the web-to-print manufacturer The Game Crafter. If you've never ordered your copy of Dog Fight before you should read about that here.

Dog Fight: Starship Edition core set

How well can you manage your ship in combat? Like other strategy games, DF:SE requires planning ahead, resource management (cards, energy, etc.), timing, and logistical skill. Take your seat, captain.