Maneuvering Set Preview

02 May 2020

If you thought firepower was the only relevant factor in a combat situation, watch out for the Maneuvering Mini-Set.

Dog Fight: Starship Edition: Maneuvering Mini-set preview
Our manufacturer The Game Crafter (TGC) was planning to resume printing operations when their state government allowed on Tuesday May 26. Fortunately they have resumed production sooner than expected! You can place your orders for this new Dog Fight: Starship Edition release starting Monday May 25.

The Maneuvering mini-set (MMS) contains cards to help ship mobility and agility on the map. 36 cards in all.

Ever wanted to be able to use Evasive Maneuvers on first tier even when you don't have priority? The Jump card Quick Burst is played face up in a tier during Preparation and remains until the Discard Phase - ready for Evasive Maneuvers before the Action Phase even begins.

Did you want to move during combat without spending one of your own tier actions? The Star card Back Off allows you to move 1 space after suffering Hull damage.

The 2020 Maneuvering mini-set can set up your ship much better evasive capability in the Preparation, Action, and Discard Phases. You can enhance ordinary MOVE type cards and more with the MMS.

This set includes the Very Rare card Veteran Helmsman, the first Crew card publicly released for DFSE 2.0. Crew cards introduce a new element to the game: Rank. Veteran Helmsman also applies an "agility" counter to your ship, which means 1 free evasive action when your ship is attacked. Plus, your ship's Mobility gains +1 as long as this Crew is equipped and active. There are future plans in Dog Fight: Starship Edition to really mess with Crew.

Dog Fight: Starship Edition Veteran Helmsman
If you want to enhance your ability to evade damage and speed up your ship on the map, this is an essential set to get. Look for it near the end of this month at The Game Crafter website. A full card list will be posted before hand so stay tuned.
Dog Fight: Starship Edition Maneuvering Set deck list

You can find the complete card list (with specific situational rulings) for this set on the card database and in the Card Rulings Guide.