Insight: Game Icons

The card icons were redesigned for version 2.0. Icons are clearer and are now shown more prominently in card templates.

Card type represents the kind of action performed. Cards are color coded based on their "type" of action. Card form is a mechanism intended to help players keep track of how to play cards. Cards are icon coded based on the "form" in which they are played in game.

Dog Fight: Starship Edition 2.0 includes a cheat sheet card showing the game system on one side and card icons on the other. The cheat sheet includes the Form, Combat Type, and Energy icons.

Most icons retained their same names, except one. Cards that are placed face up into a tier were previously called "Face Up" cards. These have been renamed to "Jump" cards. Functionally, all card forms remain unchanged.

The Energy counter icon was also created in version 2.0 as an aid for card text. The icon is prominently displayed on vessel cards in the statistics area and clearly seen at a glance whenever used in card text. This also reduces the space needed for card text.

The Core Set and all four Extension Sets each include the new cheat sheet card. Cards can also be searched and filtered corresponding to these icons on the card database.