Artemis Propulsion System

In case you don't know, Artemis is NASA's Lunar Exploration Program, part of a larger plan to bring human beings to Mars. Artemis will utilize a new electrical propulsion system. Real world developments in space technology inspire ideas in the Dog Fight: Starship Edition universe.

NASA: Moon to Mars Mission

An illustration of the PPE-HALO in lunar orbit. Credits: NASA

The Power and Propulsion Element (PPE) for Gateway will demonstrate advanced, high-power solar electric propulsion around the Moon. It is a 60kW-class spacecraft, 50 of which can be dedicated to propulsion, making it about four times more powerful than current electric propulsion spacecraft. We do this not by building one big thruster, but by combining several into a string with giant solar arrays.

This advanced system will allow our orbiting platform to support lunar exploration for 15 years given its high fuel economy, and its ability to move while in orbit will allow explorers to land virtually anywhere on the Moon’s surface.

While it’s a critical piece of our Artemis lunar exploration plans, the PPE will also help drive U.S. commercial investments in higher power electric propulsion systems, like those that could be used to get to Mars.

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