Theory Behind the Game Part 6

In the previous posts (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, and part 5) we addressed the technical and philosophical concepts behind Dog Fight: Starship Edition. Ideas are still being developed. The game itself continues to expand. There are also plans for the distant future of the game and for the near future of the business model.

I have been amazed to see how many people in so many different places who would actually debate each other in something that is total speculation: who would win. Among sci-fi fans, this "who would win" question is about franchises. You know the big name science fiction universes. Before development of Dog Fight: Starship Edition even began this question was debated. The stories told to us on screen or in book form are captivating. It is truly astonishing to see the loyalty fans have for their sci-fi.

The birth of the Dog Fight: Starship Edition idea was simply as a fan of the customization and combat aspects of the customizable card game. But the intent was to design a game that utilized common components in uncommon ways. Thus, the idea of changing the expected play sequence (no automatic draw, attempting simultaneous play), changing how cards were played (normal play is to set a card face down and reveal later), and changing the approach of the combat game. So instead of commanding a horde of monsters or fleet of ships, in Dog Fight: Starship Edition you captain a single space ship. If you want to add in fighters and other support craft, Commander's rules were created for this added dynamic. Captain's rules include space stations and more.

But the purpose of this construct was to develop a mechanics system that could accommodate the multi-verse idea, pitting the big franchises against each other. The basic Dog Fight universe is the base game. The multi-verse idea will require getting licenses from their owners, which is an ambitious goal, to say the least. Those famous franchises are cool enough, and the fan base is big enough that the effort to achieve this goal for the Dog Fight game is justified. Those franchise would each be separate product lines, and yet they would all be compatible due to the nature of the game system.

So if you want to see multiple franchises printed in the Dog Fight system get more players involved in the basic game. It all has to start somewhere.