Dog Fight: Starship Edition Core Set

Dog Fight: Starship Edition Core Set

It is 2095. It's been almost a decade since the Great Cleansing.

Before that was the asteroid disaster. The catastrophe before that, who can remember? The world is nothing like we knew it and yet the struggles are the same. The remnants of old nations formed new factions on Mars, Maenon, and other installations. The Itnoah Dominion largely controls Earth. The conflict has spread throughout the solar system, and the balance is changing. We need you, Captain.


2 or more players. Ship to ship combat. Combine and customize maps, and play missions in this living card game plus tactical board game. Get all six ships and challenge more players.

The Dog Fight: Starship Edition(TM) tactical combat game utilizes a hex map and cards. Two maps, two decks, and game bits are included in this core set.

The starter set includes all components necessary for two players to get started. Two decks, game tokens, player mats, and a double-sided map included.

Each map can accommodate up to 3 players. Combine multiple maps to add more players!

Dog Fight: Starship Edition Tavor vs Brutus Magnus

This set features the F.A.S. Brutus Magnus and the U.S.S. Tavor. One of the new features in the 2.0 release is alternate rules cards. Check out the card Alternate Rules: Drift included in this set.

DF:SE is native for multi-player. Get the Extension Sets for more ships. Combine maps to test your combat skills against more players. Take your seat, captain.

Dog Fight: Starship Edition core set

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