F.A.S. Brutus Magnus

Dog Fight: Starship Edition ship card Brutus Magnus
The F.A.S. Brutus Magnus launched in 2092. It was designed to take the opposite approach as that of the Achilles. Massive firepower with the capability of performing seek and destroy missions is the entire purpose of this power house. Where the Achilles is designed for defensive missions, this vessel is meant for full fledged combat with ships twice its size.

The Magnus is one of the later ships to be deployed in the solar system. Its design was meant to match or surpass most other vessels already in action. In many cases, it succeeds. Do not underestimate this enemy.

Admittedly the smallest of the combat vessels, the Brutus wears its name with pride. Its commendable power plant fuels a substantial onboard arsenal, out matching any other combat vessel without combat buffs. Not the fastest ships, but her double up ability makes this the quickest acting vessel in the solar system, especially with it's famous Double Shot technique.