Maximum vs. Current Hull

Dog Fight: Starship Edition faq maximum vs current hull
Question: What is the difference between current and maximum Hull?

Answer: Maximum Hull is how many hull points a vessel can possess, its maximum potential Hull. The initial Hull capacity listed on your ship's statistics section is also its maximum Hull limit. So your capital ship begins the game at its maximum Hull capacity. This maximum limit also means you can never "repair" the vessel's Hull higher than that number. However, some cards actually increase your maximum Hull capacity. When your vessel has an increased Hull capacity, you can repair up to the new higher number.

Current Hull is how many Hull points a vessel possesses at the moment. This number will likely be changing through the game, usually downward since you will probably be taking damage multiple times. But you can still repair (increase Hull) up to the vessel's maximum Hull capacity if you have the cards to do that.

NOTE: Current Hull is increased only if the word "repair" is used as a verb in card text. Maximum Hull is increased only when a card specifically states such an effect.

The EQUIP type card Bulk Plating was designed to teach the difference between current and maximum Hull.