Crew Ranks

Dog Fight: Starship Edition Crew Rank
Crew cards have an additional element no other cards have: Rank.

Ranks designate specialties for each crew and provide another dynamic for card ideas. Crew can be green EQUIP type or gray INTERVENE type cards, but they are all Gear form cards. Sets which include one or more Crew cards also include the Rank cheat sheet card.

Dog Fight: Starship Edition Crew card Loose Cannon
Crew typically have two effects rather than just one. For example, the elite card "Loose Cannon" shows an effect for boosting Attack power and it provides a free movement during the Discard Phase.

Crew are also susceptible to Wounded counters. If a Crew reaches the Discard Phase with 3 or more Wounded counters on it, it expires (is sent to the Discard Pile) at that time.