Card Combo: Attack Position

Like any strategy game worth its salt, Dog Fight: Starship Edition the tactical combat game also encourages combos of differing game elements. This is the first of a series on card combos.
Dog Fight: Starship Edition card combos Attack Position
In the logistical dynamic of Dog Fight, being able to move without having to spend a tier action is a fairly simple but surprisingly advantageous tactic. "Attack Position" is a MOVE type card designed to foster this approach.

Dog Fight: Starship Edition MOVE card Attack Position layered effect
Attack Position provides a layered effect of a free move of one space after an ATTACK type card. Two ATTACK cards allow for movement in addition to attacking. Pursue allows a move of one space then an attack. Hit and Run allows for an attack and then a move of one space.

With Pursue played after Attack Position a ship can move 1 space, attack a target, then move 1 space in the same tier. With Hit and Run played after Attack Position a ship can attack a target then move 2 spaces in that same tier.

The fact Attack Position provides a layered effect also clarifies one detail of the intended action. The word "after" is meant to stipulate an action within the "finalize your move" rule, meaning you either use immediately after the ATTACK card resolves or you lose the extra move.

Attack Position is available in most ship decks. Hit and Run and Pursue can be found in numerous sets.