Insight: Combat Types

Dog Fight: Starship Edition Insights Combat Types
New to version 2.0 is the idea of combat types: Projectile and Energy type attacks.

Over the years, prior to 2.0, there were plenty of implications about ATTACK cards which were never specifically addressed in the game. These implications made for new ideas which the game simply couldn't accommodate. But now with the introduction of combat types, Dog Fight: Starship Edition can recognize these ideas.

With projectile or energy type attacks in mind, new cards are currently in development. Play testing these new cards in a real game setting is also spawning more scenario concepts and more card ideas. We're currently testing prototypes in specialty weapons and specialty ammunition.

In the 2.0 retooling the Combat Type idea was ret-conned over existing cards. Many old cards were assigned a combat type depending on the nature of the card's effect. Some were not assigned a projectile or energy type and so are considered to have an "objective" combat type which can be used for further ideas.

New deck ideas are already in play testing based on these combat types.