Insight: Resolving Attacks

Dog Fight: Starship Edition resolving attacks

Much like how the Preparation Phase and Action Phase separate the "planning" from the "doing", an attack action is separated into proper steps.

When a card declares an attack, the attack must be resolved even if the attacker is destroyed before the attack is resolved (the only exception being if another card effect specifically "negates" or "nullifies" the attack). The target of an attack must also be designated at the time an attack is declared.

The "finalize your move" rule allows you to apply any modifiers to your instigating action at the moment of instigation. For example, the when your vessel declares an attack and the target has been announced to other players you have one opportunity to increase its damage with what ever means are at your disposal, such as with the card "Direct Hit."

After declaring your modifiers to your action, other players have an opportunity to respond. Other players may modify the amount of damage inflicted (such as with armor).

Dog Fight: Starship Edition evasive maneuvers

Calculating damage occurs after all modifiers (and responses) have been declared. Some other game events (such as another player's response) may cause an attack to miss, thus damage is not calculated. The card "Evasive Maneuvers" is a common example of causing an attack to miss the target, thereby inflicting zero damage.

The resolution of the attack follows this basic sequence of steps:
  1. play the effect (instigating action)
  2. declare attack, select target (instigating action)
  3. apply modifiers
  4. calculate damage + modifiers