Insight: Heavy vs Light ships

From the beginning of game development the six core ships had different inherent abilities (except the Tavor and Intrepid, which have identical abilities). With varying ship statistics and starter decks each vessel had a different feel. While the action deck is probably the most significant dynamic of a ship-build there was still an intuitive distinction between ships, a distinction intended to be developed later. This dynamic is now referred to as the ship's weight.

Heavy weight ships have an original Hull of 25 or higher, whereas Light ships have lower than 25. Hull is often thought of in terms of ship overall size, thus heavy ships are envisioned to be larger and bulkier than light ships. And this difference provides a story-like basis to play with in game development.

Dog Fight: Starship Edition Light Ship - Overdrive

Heavy ships became associated with fire power and light ships with speed. Further development gave rise to ideas such as the card Heavy Guns, which (of course) is reserved only for heavy ships. Other cards encompass ideas like agility, such as the card Overdrive which is reserved only for light ships.

More cards are in development for exploiting the difference in ship weight.