Opening hand alternative

Dog Fight: Starship Edition game insights opening hand

Dog Fight: Starship Edition's design is intended to give as much freedom as possible to the player. One way this is accomplished is by minimizing the pressure of hand management. Drawing cards is fairly easy in this game. The standard opening hand is the top 7 cards of the action deck, with a maximum of 10 cards in hand at any time. Keeping resources in hand is a matter left up to the player but the game system makes replenishing a low hand much easier than might be expected.

However, even in DF:SE an opening hand can turn out poorly so an alternate opening hand rule was added. Players may begin the game by drawing an extra 3 cards from the top of the action deck and immediately discarding 3 cards from hand. This option can be elected after the standard opening hand if a player wishes or it can be done immediately.