Insight: Obstructed

The 2.0 retooling required the maps to be replaced in the Core Set. Map 1001 (the sun map) suggested vessels could move much faster than the game setting really allows. The late 21st century would feature rather primitive space technology, at least by most popular science fiction standards. Doing away with the sun map set the stage for a total map rebuild so maps 1001 and 1002 were removed and a totally new map template was built from scratch.

The new maps in the Core Set don't feature the same asteroid/planet terrain or the same layouts. With the new maps, the card "Obstructed" seemed to become obsolete. So it was changed for version 2.0.

"Obstructed" now includes the term "debris field" in its card text to restore its usefulness in the Core Set. Map 1008 (Shiloh Station) displays a debris field opposite the space station. It's an ordinary obstruction but not an asteroid field. Future maps now have the option to feature debris fields.

"Obstructed" originally required the player to remove their ship token from the map, thus no combat was possible between it and any other vessel. The ship was returned to the map at the end of the turn. This effect was changed to simply state "no combat can occur" as a way to retain its core intention while keeping the ship token on the map. This card's effect was easy to accept in orbit of a planet, moon, or asteroid, but these are not featured in all maps or the core set maps. Future Expansion Sets are likely to allow orbiting of planets, moons, or asteroids once again.

Later this year (2020) a new Expansion Set is planned to be released which recreate the layouts of maps 1001 and 1002 but with the setting of a debris field. "Obstructed" now has its intended effect restored with the recognition of debris fields.

See the card database for a full description of Obstructed.