Over Heat Set Preview

03 Jul 2020

Damage is not the only way to seal victory. The Over Heat mini-set (OHM) builds on a unique dynamic that can completely change the game.

If a vessel reaches the End of Turn Phase with 10 or more over heat counters it is destroyed, regardless of its Hull. There are any number of ways to apply over heat counters to a vessel. Some attacks apply these counters to the target, some cards incur a cost of adding an over heat counter to your own ship.

The over heat dynamic allows a different way to focus combat, one where superior Hull capacity proves to be of little to no advantage at all.

Dog Fight: Starship Edition Over Heat Mini-Set Cards

Another feature of the OHM is an over heat based Energine (energy engine). The combination of "Heavy Weapons Use" and the new "Thermopile" make for a fast energy production system.

There are already several cards available to assist in this energine. Removing over heat counters is essential and these only enhance the effeciveness of Thermopile's effect. Cards such a "Repair" and "Repair and Retreat" are found in the Core Set while "Conservative Action" is found in the Evasive Maneuvering Set. OHM also includes "Battle Strain" to further weaponize the over heat mechanism.
Dog Fight: Starship Edition removing over heat counters
Finally, the primary Very Rare card for OHM is Equip type card "Research and Development" which allows for an extra tier and a free draw action when you have Priority.
Dog Fight: Starship Edition Research and Development

This and more will be available when the Over Heat Mini-Set is released near the end of July. Stay tuned.