Standard Environment

Alternate rules have been invented over the years to help game play. To make it easier for new players to keep track of alternate rules, for version 2.0 these have been converted into ENVIRONMENT cards.

Dog Fight: Starship Edition standard environment alternate rules

The Core Set and all four Extension sets each include one ENVIRONMENT card. These five cards together comprise the Standard Environment. Standard game rules include all 5 of these cards put in play are part of game set up.

Dog Fight: Starship Edition Alternate Rules: Drift

Drift Rule

The Drift rule is an old rule meant to prevent camping in one spot. For the sake of game play this rule is always recommended, even without the card. You must more your mobile vessels (which is only your capital ship in basic games) one space during your planning in the Preparation Phase. You may implement this rule at any time during your planning, though usually it is applied at the end of a player's Planning Phase simply to help keep track of everything.

Dog Fight: Starship Edition Alternate Rules: Skeleton Complement

Skeleton Complement

Once again the game needed a tweak to help the action move along. Thus the Skeleton Complement rule was created. You can choose any 3 (up to 3) green EQUIP type cards to equip to your ship during game set up.

This is an easy way to help set up your ship and reduce deck size. Since there is no deck minimum rule in Dog Fight, ultra-slim decks are possible, and reducing the deck by these 3 cards could be a significant help.

Dog Fight: Starship Edition Alternate Rules: Full Complement

Full Complement

A variant on the Skeleton Complement rule is Full Complement. This rule allows up to 6 green EQUIP type cards equipped to your ship during set up. But no green EQUIP type cards are permitted in your action deck.

Choose between Full and Skeleton complement, if any at all. It's your ship, captain.

Dog Fight: Starship Edition Alternate Rules: Maximum Defense

Maximum Defense

Having so much defense set up on the ship that it significantly slowed game flow has been called "tanking". This robbed the game of some of its charm so a new rule was created to mitigate this problem and hold the ships to a more realistic capability.

No more than one card with the word "Shield" or "Shields" and no more than one card with the word "Armor" in its title can be equipped to your ship at the same time.

Dog Fight: Starship Edition Alternate Rules: Harrison Maneuver

Harrison Maneuver

The ability to move during combat may be more important than you realize, at first. After a few games players learn the value in the Harrison Maneuver, coined by a player back in the old days. Actually, it's the Harrison Maneuver with the Kirk Compromise, which places a limit on how many times a player can use this effect.

Your ship's original Mobility determines the limit on this effect. The Harrison Maneuver allows you to move your ship 1 space during your preparation at the cost of the entire tier. The tier cannot be spent for any other tier action.

The Alternate Rules cards are intended to be placed in play during set up. You can read more about the normal way to play ENVIRONMENT cards below.