Amplified Rule Book Release Date

 22 FEB 2021

The new Amplified Rule Book (ARB) is scheduled for release March 31. This set includes a 60+ page rule book with lots of game art, short stories, and some missions. It also includes an exclusive 16 card set.

Dog Fight: Starship Edition Amplified Rulebook

The ARB card set offers cards not available anywhere else. The first Legendary cards for the Brutus Magnus and Relentless are included, as well as several ENVIRONMENT cards, and others.

Let's take a look at four cards from this upcoming set.

ATTACK card Blitz
The ATTACK Star card "Blitz" is only for Support Craft. This is the first action card exclusively for SC to be released Dog Fight: Starship Edition 2.0.

Support Craft typically have low Attack power so it takes some MacGyvering to make a drone or fighter inflict 5 Hull damage to a target. But if you manage to succeed you'll get to nullify the target's next tier (same turn only).

"Nullify" is a keyword in Dog Fight.

Playing a card incorrectly causes it to negate itself. A nullified card effect does not happen. Effects can be nullified for three reasons.
  • You cannot satisfy a cost or condition, in which case you must still pay its costs, or as much as you can pay them
  • A card that was already nullified before being played (such as by the effect of another card) does not require you to pay any costs
  • Another card effect

Be sure to check it out other game terms in the keywords list.

Attack card Rocket Dance

The fist Legendary card for the Brutus Magnus is "Rocket Dance", an ATTACK Star card.

You'll need to already have Projectile ATTACK cards in your discard pile to make this work. But doubling the "current" Attack (also doubling any modifiers currently applied) makes this quite a wallop from the base with that already has the highest starting Attack power.

With this card the Brutus Magnus can also move 1 space before attacking if the target is adjacent. After the attack the ship can move 1 space regardless of the distance from anything else.

This is the first Legendary card that costs no Energy Counters to play.

ATTACK card Twin Ion Cannon

The first Legendary card for the Relentless is the ATTACK Normal card "Twin Ion Cannon".

Being able to attack multiple times with the same card is always a good option. At a cost of 10 Energy Counters, this is a great card in a Relentless deck. But the ability to disable the target for the remainder of the turn (reaching a minimum threshold of 7 Hull damage), this card will is a staple for this ship.

The keywords list defines "disabled" very carefully as:

Not active. Disabled vessels cannot in any way play ATTACK, MOVE, or INTERVENE cards in a tier or from hand. Nor can they execute their own special abilities (including STEALTH, CLOAK, etc.). Currently active abilities are also nullified. A disabled vessel can still play ENVIRONMENT and EQUIP cards, and Gear cards already equipped to it are unaffected.

Don't underestimate the power of disabling another vessel.

EQUIP card First Officer
The first transforming card, "First Officer" was formerly an Elite card but has been moved to the Amplified Rule Book.

"First Officer" has the [PROMOTE] keyword, which allows it to be flipped to the reverse side upon meeting some condition.

This card, being an EQUIP type, and be included in the Skeleton or Full Complement for those who play by these alternate rules (which is highly recommended).

Crew cards are also intended to include two card effects. For "First Officer", the Promote effect is only one.
This card also includes a simple way of producing Energy Counters for the ship.

Field Promoted Officer
In the unfortunate event that a Captain ranked crew on your ship is killed (the card is removed from your ship) the Promote effect of "First Officer" is triggered, allowing you to flip this card to the other side.

"Field Promoted Officer" offers even better energy production than its previous state as "First Officer". Unlike a "morph" of similar effect in other games, the Promote effect does not revert to its initial state for this card. But some other Promote cards in future releases may do this.

Check out the Supplemental post and the Environment cards post on the ARB mini set.