Amplified Rule Book Environment Cards

The Amplified Rule Book (ARB) also includes 4 new ENVIRONMENT type cards. (See this previous post explaining ENVIRONMENT cards).

ENVIRONMENT card: Combat Air Patrol

Combat Air Patrol

This card is another good choice for a starting environment. The Standard Environment includes 5 ENVIRONMENT cards but you can decide your own pre-game set up. With this card in play, players who use Support Craft can begin the game with two of them already in play. This applies only to Drones and Fighter craft.

ENVIRONMENT card: Hidden Orbit

Hidden Orbit

This is one of few ENVIRONMENT type cards that are short term Lasting cards. "Hidden Orbit" has 3 timer counters which are removed 1 per turn, and then the card expires.

It's very similar in effect to the MOVE type card "Obstructed" in that combat cannot occur with vessels in orbit of most types of obstructions unless they share the same space.

ENVIRONMENT card: Star Struck

Star Struck

For those situations where you expect to be inundated with too many Star cards, "Star Struck" will slow down those annoyingly fast Star card decks.

As an ENVIRONMENT card this effect applies to all players. Any player playing a Star card will have to discard another card (of any kind) from hand or that initial Star card is nullified. Cards discarded as this cost are not played, they are merely used to satisfy another card's cost.

ENVIRONMENT card: Temporary Ceasefire

Temporary Ceasefire

A relatively rare kind of ENVIRONMENT card, "Temporary Ceasefire" is a Normal card form, rather than Lasting form.

Only for the turn this card is played, no player can declare an attack. Notice NPCs and Transcendental vessels are exempted from this card's effect. As any other Normal card, this card is sent to its owner's discard pile during the Discard Phase.

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