Amplified Rule Book Supplemental

The ARB card set offers cards not available anywhere else. These cards add a lot of bang for your buck in any deck. The first four cards were introduced in an earlier post.

Let's take a look at another four cards from this upcoming set.

INTERVENE card Fight or Flight
The INTERVENE Gear card "Fight or Flight" is a card for a desperate situation. If your Hull is reduced to 3 or less you can play this card. Your Hull doesn't have to remain at 3 or less, this is only the primary condition for playing it in the first place.

This is also the first card to introduce "entropy" counters to Dog Fight: Starship Edition. Your ship gains 1 entropy counter each Discard Phase. Other cards (in future releases) allow nasty things for vessels possessing these counters.

But it might be worth it to gain a permanent +1 Mobility and +3 Attack power. Additionally, your ship gains an Agility counter which allows your ship to make one attack targeting it miss. This isn't the first card to provide an Agility counter though; you can find another in the Veteran Helmsman from the Maneuvering Mini Set.

INTERVENE card Quick Action

Next, a new Jump INTERENE card is "Quick Action" which provides an extra tier for the turn. Action economy is profoundly useful in this game. Though it uses your tier action it also allows you to set a card in secondary position so you can still get another action in that tier. It's cost is fairly modest at removing from the game 2 cards in your discard pile that have different card icons, and that vessel must already possess 2 or more over heat counter. (See the Over Heat mini set for plenty of cards devoted to the Over Heat mechanic).

INTERVENE card Return Fire
An oldie but goodie, the INTERVENE Star Card "Return Fire" returns to the game. This card saw some action back in the 1.0 days.

For a meager 2 energy counters your vessel can pull any ATTACK type card from your discard pile and play it in secondary position as long as you have a primary card in that tier already. The ATTACK card you choose for this effect is removed from the game when it is sent to the discard pile.

"Return Fire" is especially useful for cards that are intended for secondary position, such as the ATTACK card "Double Shot" found in the Brutus Magnus deck of the Core Set.

MOVE card Added Momentum

A new MOVE Jump card is "Added Momentum" which introduces the propulsion counter. The propulsion counter lets your ship move 1 space during one of your tiers in the Action Phase.

This card requires you to remove from the game a MOVE type card already in your discard pile. But there is also a small matter of timing: the next card you play during that turn must be an INTERVENE type card.

There are plenty of options for this. For the Preparation Phase you could play a Jump card while still planning, play a Star card (which requires no tier action). Or for the Action Phase you can set an INTERVENE card face down so it's the next card you end up playing.

Check out the previous post on the Amplified Rule Book for a look at another four cards from this mini set.